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Chonchu is a male Chihuahua. He was taken away from his family when he was younger, and he has been looking for them ever since. The only information he has, other than his name, is that his family is somewhere in Brazil. Now he's grown up but can't find them, so he'll have to continue the search on his own.Chonchu is a Chihuahua who has been looking for his family ever since he was

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I enjoyed watching this movie.I enjoyed watching this movie.
I have been a member of this site for a while now and I have seen a lot of new movies that have been released. I had seen nothing but good movies from the site. But the movie Chonchu had a twist I never expected. The story is about a man who is going to try and change his life after he had a series of bad luck. He decides to go on a journey to find love and happiness, but he gets stuck in a journey of his own.
I loved Chonchu movie 2021. The humor was great and the acting was great. I loved the story line and the way it all built up. The characters were all well written and yet very distinct.