double dad

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Cris D'Amato
Bill Rogers, Bill Rogers, Bill Rogers
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Two men who are best friends and work together in a car garage, decide to switch lives when they realize they want different things in life. Neither one of them is content with their lives and each one is secretly unhappy with their spouse. The one who switches with the other is able to take the other person's life and things seem to be going well for him at first. But eventually, he realizes that he missed some things about his old life and wants to switch back.

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double dad
double dad
double dad
double dad
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I love the movie Double Dad! It is so funny and I think everyone should watch it.
Double Dad was a great movie! It had lots of laughs and made me cry! I would recommend this movie to people of all ages.
Double Dad is a story about two dads who fight crime and protect the city.Double Dad is a story about two dads who fight crime and protect the city. The film has a very positive message and is a good choice for families to share.