friendship is like a cocoon

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Sentot Sahid
Juan Bione Subiantoro, Juan Bione Subiantoro, Juan Bione Subiantoro
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Friendship Is Like a CocoonIn 2024, the world is dealing with an outbreak of pneumonic plague. The disease has been caused by a mutated strain of Streptococcus pneumoniae in a laboratory, and within a few days, the entire world has been quarantined in a series of walled cities.After being forcibly separated from her family, 15-year-old Anna finds comfort in the only place she knows she can find sanctuary: in her school's

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Friendship is like a Cocoon movie, it is personal and special. It is an experience that is unique to each person, there is no memory that this person will have that will compare to someone else. It is something that you can share with someone or something that only you will know about. Friendship is not just two people that are close to each other, it is something more than that.
I saw the movie "Friendship is like a cocoon" and I was deeply inspired by it. The movie showed how we should be our true selves and that we should not be afraid to be ourselves.
Friendship is like a cocoon, wrapped around you to keep you safe from the outside world. It is a support system where you cannot fail.