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Ninavukal is a science-fiction film set in a world where the whites and the browns are in conflict and conflict in violence. The story is about a man who has an accident and wakes up in a hospital with amnesia.

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Ninavukal is a brilliant and powerful movie, and it also has a very interesting story.The movie is about a girl who goes on a journey of self-discovery with the help of her animal companions. She has left her home and is looking for herself. When she meets an old man on the road, he tells her the story of how he met his animal companions and how they were able to find themselves too. The old man tells her that when you meet
I watched Ninavukal movie 2021 and I loved it. It was a really cool movie about a man who had to fight for his family's honor and not be killed by bandits.I was surprised how much I liked it and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys action movies with a good plot.
Ninavukal movieIt is a Tamil movie directed by M.S. Veeran. It stars Vijay Sethupathi, Santhanam, and Keerthy Suresh in the lead roles. The film is produced by P. Selva Bharathy under his production company E4 Entertainment.I watched the first day of the first show of the first week of the release of Ninavukal at a theatre in Chennai. The theatre was packed