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Unseen Skies movie is a science fiction film written by J.D. Lees and directed by John Foo. The film takes place in the future where the Earth has been ravaged by war and pollution, and what remains of humanity is confined to a giant dome built to protect them from the harsh environmental conditions. This allows the Earth's surface to be repurposed into a vast agricultural region, while the dome becomes populated by people who work in the food production and recycling industries.

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unseen skies
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I really enjoyed watching Unseen Skies movie. I thought the movie was very good.I thought the characters were very well developed. I liked how the protagonist was different from others.The main character's change of heart was very well done.
My name is Olivia and I recently saw the movie Unseen Skies. I thought it was really interesting and I liked the idea of people being abducted by aliens. The first thing that I thought about was the first scene of the movie where there is a girl sitting at a desk. I thought that it was strange how she had no expression which made me wonder if she was happy or sad.
"Unseen Skies" is a 2019 science fiction film by director George F. Robertson and starring Katee Sackhoff, Trevor Long and Will Ferrell. The film is about an apocalypse caused by a comet and how it affects people's lives.The film is about life and how different people react to the same situation.