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Shoib Nikash Shah
Imran Khan, Imran Khan, Imran Khan
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The film takes place in 2021, when a group of tight-knit friends gather to gather around the TV to watch the annual Christmas Eve "Antenna" broadcast. When disaster strikes, they take shelter in an underground bunker with a radio that musters the outside world.An upcoming Christmas Eve broadcast of "Antenna" brings together a group of friends who gather around the TV. One night, disaster strikes and they find themselves trapped in an underground bunker with a radio that musters

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The Antenna movie was a very interesting view on the future. I thought it was very creative in the way that the movie took place in the future. It was also creative in the way that it wasn't too far fetched. It had a futuristic look, but not so much so that it wasn't believable. The movie is about society in 2031 when there are huge disasters happening, and people are living in fear. There are also people who are working against fear and fear itself
I went to see Antenna movie at the cinema yesterday. The film was set in 2030, when the end of the world has come and the only survivors are the ones who are in their bunkers. One of them is Alexa, who is trying to keep herself alive by recording memories of the past on an old laptop. However, when something goes wrong with her computer, she is forced to look for a new one.She ends up in an abandoned building where she meets Owen
I enjoyed watching the Antenna movie because it was fun to laugh with my friends. It was inspiring to watch how everyone in the movie worked together even though they were different.