finding you

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Brian Baugh
Rose Reid, Rose Reid, Rose Reid
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Ella is a 16 year old, who has never had friends or a real relationship before. As she tries to figure out who she is, she meets the mysterious Drew. As their relationship grows, so does their love for each other. But as Ella's feelings for Drew grow, so does the isolation she's felt her whole life. Will she be able to find herself and her happiness in the world?A teenage girl with no friends or relationship struggles to find herself in

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finding you
finding you
finding you
finding you
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Finding You was a great movie. I love that it was a comedy. It was a really good movie. I loved the characters and their relationships.Caitlin
Finding You movie 2021 was not about love at first sight, but it was the kind of love that makes you feel safe. I didn't always know I was looking for Finding You movie 2021, but it's safe now to say that I am.
I was so moved by the film, Finding You, that I went to tears. The central character, Helen, is such a beautiful and brave soul. The film is about the many ways love can be found and it is a thought provoking masterpiece.