homem onça

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VinГ­cius Reis
SГ­lvia Buarque, SГ­lvia Buarque, SГ­lvia Buarque
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A man meets a woman who tells him that she's a puma. They fall in love and have a son. The woman tells the man that she is not a puma but rather an American Indian woman. She tells him that the government has been making them believe that they are all pumas so they can have more land to build their cities. The man tells her to wait until the new year so he can prove to her that she is human.The film is

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homem onça
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"The movie was an entertaining and exciting film that I thought was well directed."I thought the movie was an entertaining and exciting film that was well directed.
"I was so pleased with this movie! I'm not even a huge animal lover, but I was moved by the story. This film is family-friendly and it's a must-see!"My favorite movie
I love this movie! It was very funny and I like the character, Homem Onça.