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Henry Jekyll is a well respected and loved doctor in Victorian London. His research into the human psyche has been groundbreaking, and he has been invited to speak at the Royal Society. The only thing that his friends and family can't figure out is how he manages to juggle all of his time. One day, while working in his laboratory, Jekyll drinks a potion which transforms him into a violent and evil person called Edward Hyde. Hyde is a murderer and a thief, until

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jekyll vs. hyde
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I really enjoyed the movie "Jekyll vs. Hyde" because the movie was scary and suspenseful and it had a few Hitchcock twists to it. I would recommend this movie because it is worth seeing.
I watched the Jekyll vs. Hyde movie and I loved it! I thought it was a great movie and I would definitely watch it again.-Nina
I went to see the Jekyll vs. Hyde movie at the theater on Friday. I really enjoyed it, I thought it was a lot of fun.-Todd