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Malcolm and Marie are a married couple in their fifties. The couple live a very hectic lifestyle and work long hours, but they both agree that what they have is worth it. Malcolm and Marie both long to spend more time together, but they don't think that it's possible with their current schedule. One day, Marie makes a list of all the things she would like to do with Malcolm and decides to surprise him by doing them all. With the list as her guide

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malcolm & marie
malcolm & marie
malcolm & marie
malcolm & marie
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I was really excited to watch the movie, Malcolm & Marie. I liked the storyline, the cast, and the special effects. I thought the movie was really creative and it made me smile.The movie was creative, uplifting, and it made me smile.
I love this movie it always makes me happy.Malcolm and Marie is a great movie I watch it every day.
I've seen Malcolm & Marie movie 2021 with my classmate yesterday. It was a very interesting movie. I don't think it's very often that you can see yourself in a movie, but this one did!