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In 2021, having a daughter remains a taboo, and it is illegal to be pregnant.A mother and daughter live in a bunker under constant surveillance.They are supposedly the last two people on Earth as the rest of civilization has been wiped out by a virus that has led to their bodies producing an enzyme that disintegrates anything they touch.As the film opens, the daughter has found a secret staircase leading outside, and she goes exploring; she is captured by a

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I am a fan of the Women Seeking Women movies and I think this is an outstanding film.I fell in love with the women of the movie. They are all gorgeous, from their looks to their personalities. The cinematography is amazing and the lighting really enhanced the mood of the movie. The soundtrack is quite good too.The main character, Cat, is a lot of fun. She's a mess and I loved seeing her fall in love with a woman she was
I went to see Women Seeking Women:179 movie for a girls night. It was a fun movie, and it had a really good plot. This is a movie I would recommend to anyone looking for a good movie with a good plot.
Women Seeking Women is a movie about the struggles of two women in the lesbian community. It takes place in 2021 and it's about two girls who get together for a night, but then get into a fight that ends up in jail. It's one of my favorite movies.