alien conquest

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Mario N. Bonassin
Emily Killian, Emily Killian, Emily Killian
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The movie starts with a race of aliens called the "Luminescers" invading Earth. The invasion is stopped by the US Military, but the aliens are able to escape to another planet, where the US Military has set up a research base. The military discovers that the Luminescers are setting up traps all over the planet that create "holographic" planets to lure humans into. The military must find a way to stop these traps before humans are lured into them and killed.

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alien conquest
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Please write a testimonials about the movie Alien Conquest.I was really excited to watch this movie, because it's about aliens! I enjoyed watching the fight scenes, it really had me on the edge of my seat. It was a lot of fun watching the movie, and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi movies.The movie was about aliens invading earth and destroying everything. I thought it was really cool.
I watched the alien conquest movie and it was the best movie I watched in my life. I recommend everyone watch it.
I am so happy that there is a movie about aliens coming to Earth! I love everything about it. It has exciting action, and an exciting plot.-Avery