cabra cega

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Marcos Koe
Leonardo ProganГі, Leonardo ProganГі, Leonardo ProganГі
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Cabra Cega is a story about a young woman who has lost her sight and has to adjust to a new and different life. To make things even more overwhelming for her, she has to fend for herself and the people around her.

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cabra cega
cabra cega
cabra cega
cabra cega
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"I enjoyed the movie on Saturday evening. It was a good watch and I thought the story was interesting."-Alicia
This city has been overrun by the dangerous creatures that emerged from the urns.One of the most dangerous creatures that emerged from the urns is Cabra Cega. Cabra Cega is a huge, venomous snake with a green eye and a yellow and orange body. This snake can be found in the sewers and gardens in the city.A group of people in rags and dirty clothes is trying to escape from the urns. They
I loved, loved, loved this movie! It was so good that I watched it twice.This movie was very relatable because it is about a sad, lonely girl who feels invisible after she loses her voice. It is also about the importance of being seen and heard.