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Luciano Juncos
Osvaldo Laport, Osvaldo Laport, Osvaldo Laport
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An aging outlaw and his partner take on one last job.El Bandido is a film about an aging outlaw and his partner set out on one last job.

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el bandido
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El Bandido movie is the greatest movie ever made. I couldn't stop watching it, and it has taken hold of my heart. There has never been a movie like this one.
"I loved this movie. I am a die hard fan of the El Bandido books and am even considering making my own tribute film to El Bandido."-Daphna GoldwasserThis film is yet another of the many films of this era that I found captivating and entertaining. It tells a story about El Bandido, a protagonist who is an outlaw and a hero. The film was made in France and is yet another example of how France is breaking
I watched this movie called El Bandido in classand I really liked it.It is about a man who helps people in needand he helps people in their time of need.The man is called El Bandidoand he is nicknamed that because he is not afraid of the law.He is an outlaw.I think El Bandido is a great movie.I would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch