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Rudolf Havlik
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On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Sara falls asleep in the back of her mother's horse-drawn carriage. When she wakes up, she's stuck in a strange place with no idea how she got there.Sara is taken in by a family of artists who teach her about their world and the history of the land they live in. The hourglass that she has with her is unusual, and it changes color depending on what time it is. As the day goes on

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Minuta Vechnosti is a very entertaining romantic comedy with a few twists. It is very well put together and the acting is good. I would recommend seeing it.I give it four stars because it was well made and had good acting. It has a romantic twist but also has some other interesting twists that you wouldn't expect. I thought it was very entertaining and I would recommend seeing it.
I enjoyed watching the movie because the actors, the cinematography, and the effects were amazing.I recommend watching this movie to anyone who is into drama, suspenseful movies, and just wants to see a good film.
Minuta Vecnosti is a film about a man who is faced with the challenge of finding a way to live without electricity. The film is set in a world where people have reverted back to a primitive society and the protagonist must find a way to survive without electricity.Minuta Vecnosti is a film about a man who has to find a way to survive without electricity. The movie is set in a world that has reverted back to a primitive society and