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Carterland is a movie about a former baseball player who is in a coma. He has a dream where he is going to die in a car crash and he tells his son about it. The son doesn't believe him but when the car crash happens, he believes what his dad had told him.Carterland is a movie about a former baseball player who is in a coma from an on-field injury. In his dreams, he is being transported in a hearse that crashes into a

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I loved the new movie, Carterland! It was so exciting to watch with my dad. The special effects were great and I loved the storyline. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves action movies.Katelyn
I went to see Carterland in its opening night in May. It was a great movie, better than I expected. The story was interesting, and I loved the chemistry between the characters. In the end, it felt like a good ending. All in all, a great movie.
I saw the movie "Carterland" and it was so good I really enjoyed it. I couldn't stop watching it and I loved the way they incorporated football and rap music. There was so much more to the movie than just a football movie and that's what made it so great.