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A young boy, who is an orphan, lives with his aunt and uncle. When his mother tried to kill him, he became deaf and mute. He gets a new family, but he has a hard time fitting in. One day, his aunt and uncle have a surprise for him, but it's not what he was expecting.

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I loved the movie Everhood. It was so good! It is so hard to find good movies these days, but this one was really great. I can't wait for the sequel.Kira
I love this movie because it teaches me that if you are different, you are not alone.Everhood is an amazing, compelling movie that teaches me that I'm not alone if I'm different. Everhood gives me courage to be myself, and not care what anyone thinks of me.
I watched the Everhood movie and I loved it. It was so cool and amazing and everything in the movie was great. I really enjoyed watching this movie and I hope it makes a lot of money and is a huge success.Everhood is the best and most interesting movie I've seen in a long time. It's really cool and funky and has a great plot. The actors were good too.