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A young boy has a vivid imagination and is always daydreaming. He has always been good at making up stories to entertain himself. One day he decides to make up a story for his friends to enjoy. They all gather in the forest and the boy tells his story about a girl named Floaty who lives in this tree and has all these adventures. The friends love the story and want to know more. They go on adventures of their own to find Floaty and it turns out she

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I used to love watching this movie as a kid. The colors were beautiful, the songs were catchy, and the story was touching. I went into the theater expecting a mediocre film but was pleasantly surprised. I wish more films would have been like this.
I saw Floaty movie many times, and I think it really opened my eyes. It is a movie about not being so caught up in the rat race. It helps you to stop and smell the roses.I love the Floaty movie because it takes you on a journey of self-discovery. You are given a unique opportunity to reflect on your life and figure out what you want.
I watched the new movie Floaty with my family last week. The kids loved it!I thought the movie was really funny and it had some really great messages of being yourself.I recommend this movie for families of all ages.