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Guy Pearce
Guy Pearce, Guy Pearce, Guy Pearce
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Living in poverty, Liam has no hope for his future. Liam's older brother, Vincent, is in jail for murder. Vincent's idolizes their father, who abandoned them years ago to find fame and fortune overseas. Liam's mother is an alcoholic who abuses them both. When Liam's mother is arrested for her crimes, he goes to live with his estranged father. Liam's life changes when he meets Callie, a girl who shows him that there is more to the world than the

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poor boy
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I really enjoyed this movie! It was funny and engaging. I loved the message that it sends. I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for something funny to watch.- Alice
For the past five years I have seen poor boys in my neighborhood. They're always asking me for money and they're always harassing me. I'm glad that the city finally came to my house and arrested them all.I was glad to see my neighborhood finally be safe for once again.
I saw the trailer for this movie and it looked like a great and funny coming of age story. I'm looking forward to this movie and I think it'll be a good one with a lot of laughs!