they call me superman

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Jen Araki
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An eccentric and beloved Iranian-American white collar worker is laid off and, after a series of unsuccessful jobs, spends his days living in his car and writing about his life. When he finally lands a new job, he soon realizes that the company is corrupt and the only way to protect himself is to become a whistleblower. He takes on the disguise of Superman and uses his powers for good, making him an international hero.

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they call me superman
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I really liked the They Call Me Superman movie. I was glad that they made it. I thought that the people who made the movie did a really great job.
I saw They Call Me Superman movie and I loved it. It was the best movie I've ever seen.This movie was amazing. I could not put it down because of all the suspense and action.
"I have always been a fan of Superman. What a great movie this would be!"The movie is called "They Call Me Superman". This is a movie about a man who is looking to become a superhero. He is a person who has the ability, but he is not sure how to use it. He gets in trouble with the law and in order for him to be forgiven, he needs to prove himself worthy. He goes on a journey with his wife to find out