dear imamku

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Dian Sasmita Faisal
Dul Jaelani, Dul Jaelani, Dul Jaelani
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Haris and Alysa are a YouTube couple who upload their personal lives on a daily basis. They have been together for 5 years and have built a successful relationship while gaining followers. Life suddenly changes when Haris almost loses his mother to a stroke.

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dear imamku
dear imamku
dear imamku
dear imamku
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Dear Imamku,It was a great film. It was very well made and I loved the story. I felt very connected to the protagonist. I will recommend it to my friends.I watched Dear Imamku on Netflix and enjoyed it! The main character was really bold and I could identify with her struggle. Great film, I would recommend it!Dear Imamku is the best movie that I've ever seen! It's so unique to watch something so different than the
Dear Imamku is a new movie by the name of Imamku. The story is about a girl named Jeena who is trying to find her dad on his birthday. He has disappeared and she is trying to find him. She finds out that he wasn't just some guy, but was in fact an Imam that had become famous for his teachings. She goes on YouTube and finds all of his videos, but never finds any information on where he went. She starts to track everything down,
The Dear Imamku movie is a short film that that is a satire on a dystopian society where the government controls everything. In the movie, there is a journalist who starts to meet with a superhero named Imamku, who is fighting the government.In this movie, I really enjoyed seeing the criticism of our society and I especially enjoyed seeing how people were able to find hope in the movie.