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Jay Robey
Samantha Siddall, Samantha Siddall, Samantha Siddall
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A detective must solve the murder of his best friend, who had been running for months on the top of the world's highest building without anyone knowing.

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"I saw a preview for Drip last night and it looked amazing! I really liked the idea of a sci-fi/action/drama that was a serious take on a social issue. The trailer also looked like it had a lot of action so I was excited to see it.""I was let down by Drip. The movie had a good idea, but the execution was poor. The plot was hard to follow because there were so many different plot lines going
I think Drip movie 2021 is a great movie. It has a good plot and good acting. It's a movie I would recommend to anyone, and it has a lot of action too.-Henry
I really enjoyed the movie 'Drip' in a way that almost made me a little uncomfortable. It was a very different experience to watch, and I don't think it is something that I would generally choose to watch, but I would recommend it to anyone who does want to watch it. It was a very unique take on the idea of sexual assault and I enjoyed the dynamic of the story.It is one of those movies that you probably shouldn't watch, but it is