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Helix Soccer Team is a movie about the 2021 Helix Soccer Team - the best in the world. They are in their last game of the season when they are playing their biggest rival, The King's. With the game tied late in the game, the Helix team finds themselves in a penalty shootout. The Helix team finds themselves down to their last player, after two penalty shots, it's down to two players...

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"I really don't know what the outcome of Helix was, as I had to leave before it ended, but it really seems like they're doing a great job."The author enjoys the Helix soccer team's efforts and would like to see them continue.
I loved the movie Helix Soccer Team. It was a great story, told in a way that makes me laugh and cry. I loved how the team members were all different shapes and sizes, just like my family. The movie made me feel like everyone is important, our differences are what make us special, and that every team member is just as important as the others.
I love this movie because it tells a true story about a team that inspires me and I love that they are trying to make the world a better place