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In 2021, the United States has become a police state. The new president, "Mr. D" (the President of the United States), leads a ruthless regime with the law of "Injustice". This is where people are sentenced without trial to life in prison for crimes they disagree with. A group of people, led by an ex-cop named Dan, plan to take down the system.The story starts with Dan and his team breaking into the White House to steal information

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injustice system
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I saw Injustice System movie 2021 on a website called Netflix and I loved it! I loved the action and the graphics. The story was good and the actors were really good. I really enjoyed this film and I enjoyed watching it a lot.
Alicia Brescia is a great director and has created something extraordinary with her new movie, Injustice System.Alicia's work is always well-thought out and creative, and she's very knowledgeable about her craft. I'm excited to see what she'll do next.The trailer for this movie is amazing, and I can't wait to see what Alicia has in store for us.
This movie was absolutely amazing! I was hooked from the first second to the last. I loved the story line and the way it was told. The actors were amazing as well. I really enjoyed the whole movie!Injustice System movie 2021