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Shawn Welling
Tom Vera, Tom Vera, Tom Vera
Genres, Action, Crime, Drama
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A group of friends head out to sea for a day of fishing and end up finding a dead body and a narco submarine.

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narco sub
narco sub
narco sub
narco sub
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I enjoyed the movie Narco Sub 2021. The movie was about a drug smuggling submarine and I liked how it was shot. The actors and actresses were amazing and the action scenes were great. I recommend that you watch this movie for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below.
"I give this movie five stars. I loved the idea of the movie and how it's such a unique and different twist to the normal narco sub genre.""This movie was so fun to watch, and it really captured my attention. I loved the concept and all of the twists and turns it takes."
Narco Sub movie is a film about a narco submarine that is introduced to the United States. The movie starts with the United States wanting to stop illegal drug cartels from flooding their country. The U.S. Navy is introduced as the only option to protect the country and stops the drug flow, but there is a major problem- they can't find the submarine. To make matters worse, they discover that the submarines are running at full speed and faster than expected.There's