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Maxime Roy
François Creton, François Creton, François Creton
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Write a synopsis for The Heroics movie 2021 "The Heroics" is an action thriller about a young man who has the ability to see at the lowest depths of the human soul. When he becomes an agent for the government, he is forced to use this power to hunt terrorists and criminals. But when he is accused of killing an innocent girl, he must question his own ethics, facing a force more powerful than himself that makes you question what's really real.

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the heroics
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The Heroics is an upcoming movie starring Dave Franco, Awkwafina, Holly Hunter, and Michael Pena.I really enjoyed watching The Heroics. It was a great movie about people who are tired of how the world is now, and who are trying to make a difference. The movie also seemed to have a lot of potential for a sequel. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the sequel to this movie.
"I saw a preview for The Heroics and thought it looked like a lot of fun. My husband and I went to the premiere and loved it. The film is action-packed and tells a story that's about family, friendship, and love."The Heroics is a film about a group of friends who band together to save their town from a monster.
The future of humanity is unknown, but one thing is for sure, the Earth is in danger. The Heroics is the story of what happened to one family after the world turned to chaos.This science fiction film is perfect for anyone who loves the future and wants to see what happens next.