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Dev Jung Thapa
Swostima Karki, Swostima Karki, Swostima Karki
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A teenage girl and her friends get stranded on a remote island and must find a way to survive by making a raft and sailing out of there.There is an abandoned island that the teenagers find themselves on. They start to explore the island and get more and more lost. They learn to make a raft, but ultimately decide it's not worth it and get ready to die on the island. One night, they come across a group of people living on the island. They learn that these people

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I've always been interested in India's history and culture, so I decided to buy this movie for my boyfriend. We were both amazed by the quality of the film and the attention to detail. It was really easy to follow and we were totally lost in the story. I like that the main relationship was between Tulki and his grandfather, rather than with his wife. It was also nice to see how many different cultures are represented in the film.
I really enjoyed the Tulki movie. The story was very imaginative and well-told. I found it very difficult to predict the ending, which is always a good thing!
"I went to see Tulki movie 2021 in the theater because it was a different kind of horror movie and I wanted to experience it. The movie was great and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good scare.I was really freaked out when I walked out of the theater and felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I still think about the movie a lot and I really enjoyed watching it!"-Megan