waking up dead

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Traci Lords, Traci Lords, Traci Lords
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A young man walks into the night after his death. He has no memory of his life, but he knows he needs to find out why he died.

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waking up dead
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Waking Up Dead movie 2021A new kind of zombie movieI watched the Waking Up Dead movie on Netflix. It has some really great zombie moments. The movie also has a really interesting mystery behind it. I don't want to spoil anything but I can tell you that it's a movie about a new kind of zombie.
I loved waking up dead, it had a great plot with some really hilarious characters. I never expected the movie to be so good. I laughed so hard I was crying
Waking Up Dead was an awesome movie. I loved the acting, the storyline, the setting, and the whole movie in general.The movie managed to keep me guessing until the end. The events that happened in the movie were very believable.I recommend this movie for anyone who loves horror movies.-JaredI loved this movie.The acting was excellent, the storyline was fantastic, and it was a great watch