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Scott Jeffrey
Abi Casson Thompson, Abi Casson Thompson, Abi Casson Thompson
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The story of a journalist on a mission to discover the truth about a new phenomenon called "cam girls." When she stumbles on the truth, she realizes that the cam girls are in danger.

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cam girls
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I watched the film TBAI loved the film and can't wait for the sequel.
This movie is really weird. It's like a documentary of teenage girls on the internet. The interviews with girls on youtube are interesting, but the interviews with the girls who just live their life on the internet are just weird.The cinematography is really bad. It's like there is some weird black hole in the center of the screen that sucks everything in.The music is so so so so so so bad! I thought it was some weird indie band playing, but
I watched Cam Girls movie 2021 on Netflix yesterday and I loved it!The movie was so funny and I loved how the girls were talking to each other.It was also really romantic and it made me want to go out and find a guy.I would recommend this movie to all my friends who like comedy and romance.