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A woman tells the story of her family's brownies spanning back to their immigrant ancestors, who baked their first stollen in Germany in the 1830s.The movie follows three generations of women, all of whom bake their own versions of the German Christmas treat. They tell the stories of their family's past and how they came to America.- Cathy & Ira- Laurel- Leanne

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"I love this movie"Stollen is the best film in the whole world. I recommend it to everyone.
I watched the movie, "Stollen" and it is really a great movie! I really liked the story that was told in the movie. In the movie, there was a girl who woke up from a coma and found out that she has to save her best friend from a cult. The film is full of suspense and you never know what will happen next. I really recommend this film to anyone who loves a good suspenseful story.- Morgan
Stollen movie 2021 is a story about a woman who has been stuck in a life she never wanted. With the help of her friend, she finally escapes her life and begins to live. The story is about how she comes into her own, learns to love herself, and embraces her new life.The movie is beautifully shot with rich colors. It is filled with moments that are touching yet also funny. I recommend this movie for anyone who wants to see the struggles of an individual