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Mirandola, Italy: a small town in Northern Italy. The first day of school is always the hardest and the first day of school for nine-year-old Alice is no exception. Alice is new to the school and doesn't know anyone. But she's not new to the country, she's been living there her whole life and has always been surrounded by nature.Alice is assigned to share a desk with a boy named Gianni. They seem to have nothing in

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I love Young Wild Free movie! I saw it at the theater and now I own it on Blu-Ray. It's hilarious, has an amazing cast, and is a great movie for the whole family.Kathy
I think they really captured the story of the movie well, the actors also did a good job, but the story was a bit disappointing.
While watching Young Wild Free movie 2021, I couldn't help but feel a connection to the characters and how they were handling the situation. The movie was very well made and I enjoyed it immensely.Young Wild Free movie 2021 was a touching and realistic movie about the contemporary problems of poverty and not having enough food. The characters were very well developed and I could relate to them. They were realistic, as if they could be actual people, and I felt connected to them as I watched