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Full Circle is a drama film about the journey of a family with a son who has autism. The film begins with the main character, Adam, moving into his new house with his wife and two children. They quickly discover that the house is haunted by the spirit of a little girl who died there after falling out of her bedroom window. They struggle to find out what happened to her before she haunts their family.The film takes place in the present day. Adam's wife,

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I recently watched Full Circle. It was a great movie. The acting was amazing, the dialogue was phenomenal, and the story was so good. I loved it.
I was very pleased with my experience watching Full Circle movie. The story was interesting and I found myself really rooting for the main character and the antagonist. The stand out star of the film was Elijah Wood's character, who was very believable. I would recommend this film to anyone.
I love this movie because it is a really good movie. The acting is great and the story is really interesting. I really enjoyed watching this film and I would recommend it to anyone because it is just a really good film.