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Vishnu Chandran
Indrans, Indrans, Indrans
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Pooja is a widowed mother of a three year old son. She is a single parent. Her husband went to another country for work and left her all alone. Pooja lives in a small rented house with her son and two pet dogs. One day, she receives an email from a lawyer who is representing her husband's company in the US. The lawyer tells her that her husband is not dead but working with them. Pooja is very happy with the news, but she

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It was a really good movie with a good ending. I liked Karannakaran 2019 movie.
I saw Karannakaran movie 2021 at the cinema and I loved it. It is a very interesting film with a lot of different emotions, events and characters. The movie was very dramatic but at the same time funny.I recommend that you go and see this movie. You will not be disappointed!
I had the opportunity to watch Karannakaran movie and I absolutely loved it! The actors and actresses were amazing. The movie was filmed beautifully. The sound was so good. It was a nice movie to watch with your family or friends.