land of dreams

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Shoja Azari
Sheila Vand, Sheila Vand, Sheila Vand
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A starving and desperate family is faced with a difficult decision. The only way they can survive, is if one of them goes to a place that is a dream for most people--America. A father and mother set out on the treacherous journey with their young daughters in tow. They endure a series of obstacles and soon they meet a young man who is also seeking the American dream. In the end, they must make a hard choice that will change their family forever.

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land of dreams
land of dreams
land of dreams
land of dreams
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The Land of Dreams movie is my favorite movie. It has a great plot, good characters, and is based on a true story. I love the actors in it and how they always stay true to the characters they play.
If you have a child who loves the movie "The Land of Make Believe" then you should bring them to see the movie "Land of Dreams" in IMAX when it's released in 2021!
I was able to see the Land of Dreams movie at the Santa Monica AMC theater. It was a great experience and I enjoyed it very much. I would definitely recommend seeing the movie as well as checking out the site.Yours truly,Eve