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A young woman, struggling to make ends meet, works as a cleaner for a small-time crime boss. The crime boss has two sons, who are each after the girl's attentions, but she's drawn to the other son.One son is trying to regain the family's status and has made big plans for his future. The other son is trying to find his own path in life and doesn't seem to care about what his father wants. The crime boss' sons

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I saw the first "Once Upon a Time in Staten Island" movie on Friday night, and I loved it! The story is great, and even though some of the actors are new to it, they're very talented. I'm looking forward to the second movie that's coming out soon.-Caleb
"Once Upon a Time in Staten Island is a perfect example of the high quality of product that the Tribeca Film Festival showcases. This movie feels like a cross between The Lion King and the Godfather, with the added bonus of being set in New York City with a cast of non-white actors. The movie is an incredible look at the immigrant experience in the United States, with a star-studded cast that includes Michael PeГ±a, Vera Farmiga, and Giancarlo
I was pleasantly surprised by the movie "Once Upon a Time in Staten Island." I was expecting a cheesy movie with a bunch of stereotypes. However, I found that this movie actually made me laugh and it had a surprisingly good story with a lot of heart. The acting was great, and I loved the mix of comedy and drama.I also really appreciated how the movie portrayed a Muslim woman. It was a rare thing to see a Muslim woman outside of the Middle East, and