dynasty warriors

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Roy Hin Yeung Chow
Louis Koo, Louis Koo, Louis Koo
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The story of the future starts with the story of Lu Bu, an unknown warrior who is also known as the strongest warrior in China. We follow his journey as he takes his army to conquer the land.Later on, an empire falls and the land falls into chaos. A young boy named Jia Xian saves a girl named Wang Yuan Hong. They team up together and defeat the chaos to reunite the land.Years later, Yuan Hong becomes a general and is

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dynasty warriors
dynasty warriors
dynasty warriors
dynasty warriors
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I went to watch the Dynasty Warriors movie in the cinema today, and wow, it was amazing! From the opening credits with the song "Kingdom" by Jay Chou to the final fight scene, the movie was full of action. I would definitely recommend seeing it in the cinema with friends.
At a time when the world is in turmoil, a small village in the mountains is attacked by a powerful army lead by Dong Zhuo. The villagers are forced to flee, but the leader of the village, Liu Bei, remains behind with his infant son, Liu Shan. Liu Bei is able to rescue his wife and daughter, but not before they are captured and enslaved by the army. As they flee, Liu Bei's wife gives birth to a second son, Liu Pan. Five years