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Saygin Soysal, Saygin Soysal, Saygin Soysal
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Hakikat is a 2019 Turkish drama film written and directed by Г–mer Kavur. It received critical acclaim and won four Golden George awards at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival, including Best Film and Best Director.The story takes place in Istanbul, Turkey which is riddled with corruption and crime. A woman who has been abandoned by her husband and child and struggling to support her family receives a sign from God that she must separate herself from the world and live as a

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A movie that every audience member will enjoy.The Hakikat movie is a movie that is worth seeing with family and friends.
"Hakikat movie 2021 is a great movie, with a great story and great actors. I'm even going to see it again!The best part about this movie is that it includes diversity, some of the actors are men, some of them are women.I was really excited to find this movie because it's so new and different than some of the other movies out there."Hakikat movie 2021 was a great movie with an
I just want to say that this is a phenomenal film with a strong message.This film is a great way to open people's eyes and minds up to the reality of what is happening in Palestine and the Middle East. I live in New York and it's nice to see filmmakers who are able to shine a light on the truth.The film was well made and I really enjoyed it.