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In 2021, a new zombiology disease spreads around the world, infecting and killing billions of people. The only ones left are the survivors, who are left to try and rebuild society. A group of survivors decide to protect the last woman left in the world and to help her deliver her child.

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I was at the theater to watch Z movie 2021 and it was amazing.This movie was very interesting and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good movie.-Alex
Z movie 2021 is a superhero movie produced in 2021. It follows the story of young protagonist Z, who with the help of his magical flying belt, becomes a superhero and is enlisted in the Z Squad, a group of superheroes with the same powers and abilities as he with the purpose of protecting the Earth.Z movie 2021 is an upcoming and upcoming and upcoming and upcoming and upcoming and upcoming and upcoming and upcoming superhero movie with a great cast. The protagonist in this film is Z,
I know for a fact that Z movie 2021 is the most realistic movie I have seen in my lifetime. It has a beautiful storyline, and is sure to make you laugh and cry. It is a true representation of all the struggles we went through as a generation, and I would recommend it to anyone going through a hard time.Z movie 2021 is a must watch, and a good way to escape from reality.