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In 2021, the United States is divided into the West, which is led by a democratically elected President, and the East, ruled by a single monarch. In order to protect the East from the West's military power, the Empress forces those captured from the West to sign a contract pledging their allegiance to her. The movie follows two women as they struggle for power in a world ruled by a single female.In a world ruled by a single female, two women fight for power

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Dear Reader,I am writing this testimonial for the Dystopian Empress movie 2021. I was at the cinema with my classmates on Thursday, 7th of October, when the movie premiered. It was a thriller that had me on the edge of my seat, and it left me wanting more. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes the Hunger Games or Divergent.Sincerely,Ashley
The Dystopian Empress movie 2021 was the most amazing movie I have ever seen, and I am so glad I saw it. It was so good I had to watch it twice!
I saw the movie Dystopian Empress in 2019.The movie was interesting and I think it would be a good watch if you're into the dystopian genre.This movie is about a woman in a dystopian society that is governed by a monarchy and she is trying to find out if the government is intentionally poisoning the water and air to kill off the population. I thought this was a really interesting story and I enjoyed everything about it.-Ashley