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'Ferry is an upcoming action thriller film directed by David Kosse and starring Ed Zwick, James Badge Dale, and Andrea Riseborough.During a heist gone wrong, a ferryboat carrying people is hijacked and taken hostage. A team of Navy SEALs is dropped onto the boat and must rescue the passengers and take down the terrorists with no outside assistance.A Navy SEAL team is sent on a mission to rescue hostages from a hijacked ferryboat with no outside assistance

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I was pleasantly surprised with the Ferry movie I saw on Netflix. I was not sure what to expect from it, but it turned out to be a very entertaining movie. It's a family movie, but it's also a good film to watch when you're in a bad mood or need something to cheer you up. It was a very happy and fun film that made me laugh out loud a lot of the time. I also thought some of the family scenes were really sweet and heartwarming
I absolutely love this movie! I've seen it 5 times already and can't wait to see it again. It really makes me think about the world around me.
I am of the opinion that the best place to watch a movie is at a movie theater. However, I can also see the convenience and affordability of watching movies on my phone on a flight, on the bus, on the couch, on my way to work, and so on. If you're looking for a less than conventional way to watch movies, then I recommend downloading the app Ferry Movie.I downloaded this app and watched Sinister last night. It was amazing. The