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Kazim Fayad
Houssein Haidar, Houssein Haidar, Houssein Haidar
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Yusif is a ten-year-old Muslim boy living in New York City with his Christian parents. His father, a Muslim convert, is obsessed with converting Yusif to Christianity. When Yusif begins to question his faith, his parents send him to live with his grandparents in rural Alabama.Yusif reminisces about his childhood in New York City. His father is a Muslim convert who is convinced Yusif was born without sin and that he can be saved by accepting

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I absolutely loved the movie! I can't believe how intense it was! I love the twist at the end!Yusif Movie 2021
"Yusif movie 2021 is an amazing movie. I'm so glad I watched it. I'm so glad I found it. And if you haven't seen it, please go see it. It's not just a great film, it's a great story."-Rae
I saw Yusif movie 2021 and it was amazing! I love how they got the casting perfect. They casted the perfect person to play Yusif and the rest of the cast. I think people should watch this movie because it's a must see.Yusif movie 2021 is a must watch!