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The story of how one unlikely hero tries to save his people.Kadir is a son of a powerful family who's brought up to believe that the world outside of his small community is not worth the risk of discovery. When he eventually leaves his hometown, he meets an unusual group of people who teach him that everything that happens in our world happens for a reason and plans to change the plans for his people.

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"Gadera was a great movie in my opinion. I enjoyed watching it."This was a great movie in my opinion. I enjoyed watching it.
Gadera movie is very exciting, exciting, exciting! It is also exciting because it is original. I love the music, the graphics, the characters, everything about it!-Isaac
I love Gadera movie 2021I love Gadera movie 2021 because it has a lot of good lessons in it. One of the lessons that I really liked was that when you look out for other people, you will eventually find that they will look out for you in return. Another example is when the son was in danger because his father was drunk, the father's wife helped him. In general, Gadera movie 2021 has a lot of lessons in it, and