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Santiago Menghini
Marc Menchaca, Marc Menchaca, Marc Menchaca
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A group of friends find themselves in a remote cabin in the woods after a night of partying. They soon realize that someone else is in the house with them, and they soon become more of a threat than they could have imagined.

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"I watched No One Gets Out Alive and I was in awe at how well this movie was made. The acting was very good and the story was captivating. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes thrillers. The last few minutes of the movie were very intense and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. All I wanted to do was know what happened to the characters in the end. The movie is one of the best suspense movies that I've ever watched."
This film is a masterpiece and that is saying a lot. It is an incredibly well-made and written film that will draw you in. The film is based around the idea that six people are put into a room and told to survive for 24 hours. Each of the six has different skills and strengths, and each one of their perspectives on the situation is different. Throughout the film, you get to see how each of their stories intertwine with each other. I was absolutely blown away by
"No One Gets Out Alive" is one of the most captivating movies I have ever seen. The story is intriguing and the characters are really well thought out. It's not too long, but it's also not too short- it's perfect. I love that it's low-budget, because it's like you're part of the movie, you're feeling what the characters are feeling.