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Jordi Garcia Rodriguez
Lucie Aron, Lucie Aron, Lucie Aron
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Emma, a disenchanted college student, is hired as a nanny for a wealthy family and she soon finds herself drawn into the family's dark secrets.

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I saw Non-Citizens movie 2021 and I was quite shocked and scared by the news. It is such a great movie, with an important message about how we treat people in this country.
Non-Citizens movie 2021 was a great movie! It had a lot of great twists and turns that I didn't see coming. The characters in this movie were awesome and the actors did a fantastic job portraying them. I loved the cinematography in this film too. It was so beautiful! In my opinion, Non-Citizens is a great film for anyone who loves thrillers!"Non-Citizens movie 2021 was a great movie!"Megan, 12
I was a member of this theater group and watched a screening of a documentary called "Non-Citizens" during a recent trip to New York. The movie was about a group of undocumented immigrants who came to New York to escape the aftermath of the 2008 financial crash. It told the stories of these immigrants, their families, and the struggles they faced after being shoved into the shadows of society.This documentary was very important because it showed how many immigrants are being left out of the