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Alexandre Miguel Silva
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A boy named Tom, who's always been labeled as a bit nerdy and a loner, gets his first taste of success when he and his friends discover a magical adventure book and embark on a journey to save the world.

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The movie is magical. It's a heartwarming and hopeful story about a group of animals exiled from their home and forced to make a journey across the desert to find a new home. This film has a lot of heart and you'll find yourself moved by it.
"O IntrГ©pido Explorador" is an upcoming Spanish adventure/family film which follows the story of a talking cat brought to life by a powerful spell. The cat, named Max, is the last in a line of magical cats that have protected the kingdom of Wegara for centuries. He's destined to become king one day, but he must prove himself worthy of the job.This movie gets 5 out of 5 stars! It was funny, action-packed
O IntrГ©pido Explorador is a movie about a kid who changes his life after an accident.I loved this movie because it was about how you can go on and live your life after a trauma.