roe v. wade

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Roe v. Wade is a future film that explores the events that lead to the Supreme Court ruling. The film begins with a group of women who are taking part in a discussion on abortion. One woman argues that the word "abortion" is outdated, but is quickly shot down by another woman who argues that "abortion" is as relevant as ever as it simply means "to end the life of an unborn child." The first woman then goes on to argue that abortion can be an empowering

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roe v. wade
roe v. wade
roe v. wade
roe v. wade
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"I found Roe v. Wade to be a compelling watch. It is a true story that has not been told in full."This movie is an accurate portrayal of the story that changed the course of American history forever. The cast is phenomenal, they did a wonderful job at making it understandable for people who may not know the story on the surface.
I saw the Roe v. Wade movie on opening night, it was great. I really enjoyed the scenes on the courthouse steps, with all the people. I love how they showed the scenes of the marches on the courthouse steps too.
The Roe v. Wade movie is about a woman who learns the truth about the decision made by the Supreme Court to give women the right to choose to have an abortion. The movie shows how so many people came together to stand up for what was right and how it changed the course of history for women's rights forever.This film shows how Roe v. Wade was a huge success and that we need to stand up for what we believe in and that we should not be afraid to