where dead people used to live

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Isavella Alopoudi
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In 2021, the world is experiencing a period of extreme economic and social upheaval. The world's economy has collapsed and tensions between nations are high. In response, the world's nations have banded together to form a unified United Nations, creating a new continent-wide government.In this time of global unrest, a group of young people in New York City decide to help one another create a "utopia," a place where the rules of society no longer apply. They live in

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"Where Dead People Used to Live is a film that has something for everyone, regardless of how you feel about the afterlife. The film has beautiful cinematography, impressive performances, and an underlying sense of mystery that keeps you wanting more."I loved this film! It had an interesting premise and was visually stunning. The performances were great and the cinematography was amazing!
I really enjoyed this movie. I think it's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.It's about a girl who finds out her town is being built on top of an old cemetery, so she goes exploring and finds her deceased great-grandmother.It has a really interesting plot, and is well-acted.
"I love this movie!"-I love this movie! It is so scary and creepy, and I love how it's filmed! It's so realistic.