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Dante, a seventh grader, is very upset with his dad. He's tired of his dad always working and never being there for him. Dante thinks his dad has forgotten he still has a son and wants to prove to him that he still loves him. When Dante starts playing soccer, he hopes to show his dad the importance of teamwork and how it could help them win games and maybe even the championship.Dante is a seventh grader who is frustrated with his father's work

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I'm happy to say that I've seen Dante movie 2021.I'll admit that I was skeptical about the movie before I saw it, but it is now my favorite film of all time.There was so much to love about this film, and it was so well put together.It is definitely my most favorite movie of all time, and I recommend it to everyone!
I love watching Dante movies. They are always so entertaining.Dante movie 2021 is going to be so great. I hope it will have a happy ending.
Dante Movie 2021Dante's Inferno was a good movie. The acting was great and the story was suspenseful. The characters were believable and the costumes were great. The cinematography was beautiful and the movie overall was very well done.-Nate, age 12