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Skyler Thomas
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A group of scientists led by Dr. Omar, a genius scientist who invented a technology called "Eschaton," have been creating a new planet in the galaxy by using the Earth as a raw material. However, their work is interrupted by a terrorist organisation called "Outrage". In order to save the world from Outrage, Omar teams up with a young man named Jadon. The two now have to save the world from themselves as they now have to fight to protect their own

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I was really looking forward to see the movie, but sadly it failed to live up to expectations.The cast was great, with some great acting (including the narrator), but the story was kind of boring and nothing really happened.It didn't help that I had low expectations, and it is a shame that people will end up disappointed.
In the near future, the Earth is controlled by a powerful religious organization, and all major technological advancements have been banned. In order to facilitate the organization's dictatorial control, they have designed a lethal virus to wipe out humanity should any uprising occur. In order to liberate humanity from their tyranny, a group of rebels have developed a top secret mobile phone app that will allow them to overthrow the organization. The only problem is that the virus will be activated in a matter of days. The rebels
Our first night of camping was wonderful. We were so excited to be escaping the city for a weekend, but were also really looking forward to camping out. We had brought a fire-pit to roast marshmallows, but it wasn't until after we had left that we realized we needed to bring our own wood. Our trip was ruined until we found some wood, but luckily, someone else had picked up the slack and left us some wood for us!The Eschaton movie was