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Forked is a set in the near future, where technology has made it so that everyone can have their own personal AI assistant, called AIs. The rights of these AIs are still being argued about, and the protagonist's sister's AI has been shut down. His AI is also shut down when he tries to take out his frustrations with his boss on the CEO. He gets fired, and soon after, his sister's AI is turned back on, but it looks like she's changed

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The movie Forked brought me to tears.I was crying for the past few minutes while watching the movie. The movie was so beautiful.I couldn't believe what I was seeing.I was in awe of how the movie made me feel. It made me feel everything.The movie brought me so much emotion and really touched my heart.It made me feel so many different feelings. The movie was so powerful and it really touched my
Forked movie is a documentary that tells the story of a group of friends who get together to build a forked farm after the economy crashes. The documentary follows the group from the start, where they get together to build their farm, to how they get their first customer.I really enjoyed watching Forked movie. It's a good watch for anyone who likes documentaries. The documentary is about a group of friends who got together and built a forked farm after the economy crashed
"I saw the movie Forked, and it was amazing! It was exactly what I looked for in a horror movie. The graphics were good, the story was good, and the characters were good. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to get scared."-NathanThe movie "Forked" was so scary it gave me nightmares. It was extremely well made and the graphics were absolutely amazing. The movie is about a girl who goes to an abandoned